Many ways to learn bridge or improve your game

On the first, third, fourth (and fifth) Saturdays of each month, classes are offered for those with some experience with bridge at the Center from 9:00 to 11:00. Cost is $10 and always includes hands to play, sometime as a sanctioned game. Coffee and donuts provided. Lessons might get “bumped” when the club hosts a tournament or over holidays. No lessons on the second Saturday of the month.

On Tuesday nights there is a Pupil Game at 6:00 pm, aimed at players with less than 20 masterpoints. It is open to players with more than 20 masterpoints, just that they won’t earn points if they win. It is open to those who have not joined ACBL It is an individual game, so no need to bring a partner. Show up and learn and play. The game is preceded by a short (15 minute or less) lesson. Lesson starts at 6:00 and game starts at 6:15 and runs no later than 8:30. $10. Our club is safe at night. The security company for the building has to check in at our clubhouse door.

After you have earned 20 masterpoints, you should play in the 99er game on Saturday if you want to keep improving your game.

A series of lessons for those new to bridge will be offered through Clovis Adult Education in the evening, starting January 17, 2023. Sign up on their website after they publish their spring catalog. Cost for eight lessons will be $129 and will start at 6:15 pm on Tuesdays.

Classes are also offered through OLLI at Fresno State. Check their website for information.

Currently, we use EasyBridge! as our reference for lessons. It is a learning plan designed to play quickly. We sell the books for $15 each. Volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Ways for beginners to play

0 to 20 masterpoint game Tuesday night 6:00 short lesson proceeds game.

If time allows on Saturday mornings, there will be a 0 -20 masterpoint game.

0 to 99 masterpoint game Saturday at noon.

ACBL awards factions of masterpoints to winners of these game, so players slowly accumulate masterpoints as they play and improve their skill.

All are welcome at any time. Coffee and donuts or snacks are provided at lessons.

If you just want to improve your game for playing at your country club or social group, you are welcome to come to our Saturday lessons. Bring $10 and you can learn the latest bidding and play strategies. We believe the best way to learn is to play, so come ready to play a few hands.